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Dedicated to providing the most professional HOA management in Idaho.

We are excited to provide an enhanced “eyes/hands on” approach to the HOA management of your association. The collective value of your real estate assets depends upon good stewardship of the community, and your efforts are certain to be rewarded.

As a mid-sized management company, GreatWest Property Management will offer your Association and Board a unique opportunity for highly professional, yet customized services.  With an unparalleled skillset in financial planning, accounting and project management, we are well qualified to assist your Association in providing a safe and well-maintained environment for your Members to enjoy.  As you evaluate our proposal, we ask that you consider a number of factors that we believe set us apart from the competition:

  • We are not the largest provider of HOA management services in the area, and we do not aspire to be.  We are selective in the Associations with which we choose to partner with, and remain focused on growing our portfolio of high profile communities where our quality level of service will be impactful and valued.

  • The total combined annual budget(s) for HOA’s under our portfolio is well over $2 million. We are well equipped to fulfill your site management requirements and operational needs.

  • GreatWest accounting processes are performed and/or overseen by a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), ensuring that accurate timely financial data and strategic recommendations will be provided to your Board and Members.

  • We will offer you an unparalleled focus on incorporating cost effective measures into the management of your Association.  Our experience includes a number of process and technology improvements that have helped reduce Association cost structures.  We are proactive about obtaining competitive bids for landscaping, snow removal, insurance and other services. We will provide a modern approach to Association management with web-based tools, electronic payment capabilities and owner and Board web portals.


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“As past President and current Board member of one of the largest condominium association’ in the Sun Valley area, I can highly recommend GreatWest Association Management for both general association management and contract management on special projects. They have brought true professionalism to the management of our property, and most importantly have consistently worked to provide cost effective services to our Association.  Their careful monitoring of on-site construction and general maintenance has greatly improved the ability of the Board of Directors to manage our finances.  Timely reports and daily communication to homeowners have contributed to the confidence that our owners have in the future of our Association.”

Rick Bell


Bluff Condominium Association

We hired GreatWest Association Management to manage our HOA after an extensive search for a new management company. We ultimately chose GreatWest because of their hands on approach and the degree of professionalism they demonstrated through the interview and bid process.

They have brought a much higher level of expertise and customer service to our Association. Immediately after they were hired, they were tasked with identifying, interviewing and negotiating a contract with a new landscape maintenance company. GreatWest ran this process well, and the new landscape contractor is providing a much higher level of serve than their predecessor.

We are very pleased with the service we have received from GreatWest, and have high expectations for the future.

Roger Malinowski


Somerset Ridge Owners Association

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