About GreatWest Association Management

A Smarter Approach to Association Management
At GreatWest Property Management we are embracing changing times by creating a smarter approach to HOA management that includes:

More time in your community.

We don’t mean a once or twice monthly “community inspection.” We’ll have boots on the ground every week, meeting residents and understanding their concerns, assessing and improving your common areas and amenities.

More oversight and accountability.

Beyond just processing invoices, distributing assessment notices and paying vendors, GreatWest will provide hands-on oversight of your contracts with maintenance providers and will hold them accountable for staying within budget. We will also develop a long range funding strategy for the replacement and repair of community assets, eliminating the surprise of special assessments.

More efficiency.

With our web-based management tools, we can access information when we need it most—while in your community. And the community web sites we offer will provide useful information and reports 24/7/365, accessible at your convenience, not just ours.

More responsiveness.

GreatWest will act as the single point of contact between the Association and your service providers. Our web-based, shared work order system closely integrates us with your maintenance contractors, drastically reducing miscommunication and response times. We are the only HOA management company in the Treasure Valley and Wood River Valley to offer this level of vendor integration.

More enforcement of CC&Rs.

Your Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions were put in place for a reason: to protect the value of your community and your property. We will take a proactive and consistent approach to CC&R compliance enforcement, and we will perform it on a weekly basis.

More collections.

In today’s challenging economic climate, the timely pursuit of past due accounts is imperative to the financial stability of your HOA. GreatWest will assist in establishing policies and processes for pursuing delinquencies – including engaging legal resources specializing in HOA collections. We will pursue every avenue available in our effort to mitigate the impact of uncollectible accounts on your Association.

Contact us today to learn more about our approach to HOA management, and to discuss how we can assist you with your unique HOA needs.

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